Retail Line
Sicilian Specialties

For nearly a century, typical products are handcrafted in Bronte, Sicily, and they
all have a distinguishing ingredient – the renowned “Pistacchio Verde di Bronte
P.D.O.”. We chose companies that are able to satisfy the needs of an attentive
public that is eager for quality and determined to introduce the delights of the
Sicilian land to as many people as possible.

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List of the products in the Catalogue

Our spreadable creams selection
Pistachio cream-Premium Line
Pistachio cream Premium Line – Magnum size
Pistachio cream – Basic Line
“Pistacchio Verde di Bronte PDO” spreadable cream
Hazelnut and Almond cream – Basic Line
Our pesto selection
Pistachio Pesto – Premium Line
Pistachio Pesto – Basic Line
“Pistacchio Verde di Bronte PDO” pesto – Premium Line
Pistachio Flour and Grain
Dried fruit
Traditional sweets with dried fruit
Our “Panettone” selection
Our organic jams selection
Our extra organic preserves selection
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