Retail Line

BRONTEtrade follows all the production chain with a “from farm to fork” approach. We select the raw material directly in the area of origin in order to accurately value the suppliers. Later the raw materials are checked through accurate internal controls which verify the compliance with the quality standards and production requirements.

RetailGenerale Pomodori
RetailGenerale BronteTrade

List of products in the catalogue

Products in oil
Marinated garlic
Curcumaglio in oil
Farmer’s artichokes
Borettane onions
Dried tomatoes
Alla Marchigiana olives
Our creams
Peppers and olives
Dried tomatoes and olives
Black olives
Green olives
Packing line with bowls of 2 kg
Grilled eggplants in oil
Grilled zucchini in oil
Grilled peppers in oil
Borettane onions in IGP balsamic vinegar
Grilled artichokes in oil
Alla Marchigiana olives in oil
Dried tomatoes in oil
Dried tomatoes
Semi-dried tomatoes
Bio – “Scarlatto Red”
“Vermiglio Red” dried tomato
“Scarlatto Red” tomato
The Velvety one
The Sweetest one
Handcrafted Breadsticks
Flavoured Breadsticks
Classic Breadsticks
Milk and Honey Breadsticks
Bio spelt and quinoa Breadsticks
BIO and Vegan Breadsticks
Truffle Line
White or black truffle oil
Porcini and white truffle cream
Truffle sauce
Handcrafted truffle chips
Truffle Zest

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